March 07, 2007

What I did today

A while back I made a database of my CD collection and I sent out a pdf to my friends with all the pertinent information, and a promise to loan them anything they might want to listen to. Some of them, I knew, would have little idea about some, or most, of the artists. Blithely, and it seems stupidly, I figured they'd ask me about the ones of which they knew nothing.

So today, with a lot of help from the source code of Mike Kozlowski's booklog, I started writing up a page with some recommendations. Of course my total lack of knowledge of how to write a great decent looking web page made this a longer process than I had envisioned. I got as far as getting the template down, and I learned a lot about how IE is broken, and how Mozilla and Opera are Very Nice Indeed.

Anyway, the page is here. I'd appreciate any feedback, even if it's along the lines of "stop copying! you're an untalented hack."