March 10, 2007

HDR Saturday Sunday

Yesterday I was occupied by work and then playing 1830, and I lacked the time to do an HDR post. Here's an extra picture for the delay:

This image would be significantly more striking if the vignette effect was lessened, or removed entirely. I love that the blue of the cables and the muted blue of the sky are the only colors, but the darkness at the edges makes them too prominent, almost making them the only interesting features of the picture, rather than the most interesting.

This is another that I don't really like. The water looks really crisp which leads me to believe that this really isn't true HDR, as I understand it. Anything in motion captured at different times will, when a composite image is formed, look blurry. This image looks to be an HDR composed of one photo, whose exposure levels have been played with, rather than multiple photos of different exposure. Also, it's more than a bit boring, even with cliffs, water and the potential for imminent doom.

I love the blurriness of the tree branches in this one; they lend a wonderful sense of the ethereal, and make for a nice contrast to the placid, mirror-like water. All the reds in the lower right draw my eye, even when I'm focused elsewhere, making me feel that there's something across the lake that I'm not supposed to know about.

I love how the black and purple clouds with the couple hints of dark blue behind. A really neat, striking, eerie image.