January 21, 2007

Quick Football Thoughts

I've tried to forget that the Bears are still playing football, because my productivity would suffer otherwise. Thank you Australian Open. You rock.

Anyway, there are two results to today that I'd be happy with. Sadly for me, both require the Bears to win. I haven't been confident in the defense since Tommy Harris went dow. There's too much room 8-15 yards down the field too often for the Bears to be dominant, and Mark Anderson and Tank Johnson don't provide the same up the middle pressure and versatility that Harris did. This will be a problem today.

Image from ESPN.com

I agree with the ESPN experts on the Bears chances (snowball:hell, Iraq:mess), but I expect the Patriots to be in Miami in two weeks time, and Manning ending up watching the game from home. Again.

I hope to be wrong about the Bears, and either AFC result, provided a Bears win, is fine with me. Rematch of Superbowl XX? Bears v Colts, both teams I watch every single chance I get? Awesome. Either way, I'm happy.