January 23, 2007

I'm going slightly mad

I've never enjoyed being wrong so much. I don't know when I'll turn on ESPN and not randomly proclaim "Bears!" Hell, I don't know when I'll not decide to randomly chant "Bears" to myself. All I remember of the '85 Bears is an episode, seemingly late at night with loud bangings of pots and pans and knowing in the way a child of four can that our guys did good. I know a lot about that team, but not so much with the personal remembrance.

Other than the occasional decrying of poor officiating, I seldom yell at the television when I'm watching football (I do, however, constantly tell the announcers to shut up. They don't.), so I was rather surprised to notice that I was getting a tad bit hoarse near halftime, and that scratchiness was threatening to take up permanent residence in my vocal repertoire. I also don't watch games in bars often, so maybe this exuberance has more to do with atmosphere than a previously unknown facet of my personality. I don't care.

Super Bowl. Bears! Awesome.