July 31, 2006

Oh, my poor procopius!

Last night I felt adventurous, so I planned out my activities for today: wake up, shower, ride a bike to COD to return Death Comes for the Archbishop and A Conneticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, neither of which I read, ride back into Wheaton, get on a train, end up in the city, wander around, take a few pictures, maybe tie up a loose end from my last apartment, go back to Wheaton, get back on the bike and come home.

I actually managed to do most of these things. I also checked out two more books from COD, one on Pompeii that I doubt I'll finish and a copy of Procopius' Secret History which I enjoyed what little I read of it on the train ride back in. I didn't get the loose end tied up, and while I realize that I probably ought to actually call the old landlord instead of my old roommate to do this, she's a lot more fun to talk to than he is.

My camera's battery crapped out on me before I was really done taking pictures. So, in retaliation, I walked into the library and read Nick Sagan's Idlewild. I'd already read Edenborn and Everfree, so there really wasn't anything in the story itself that was surprising. The placement of story events and the singular perspective in which it was told did surprise me. Not to give away any spoilers, but I was definately used to the multiple perspectives that Sagan used in both the other novels in the series, so to have only Hal's narration was a bit of a shock. I had been looking foward to having some new voices. It was a good read though, and when I get some more disposable income again, I'll have to pick up a copy of it and do a decent review of the entire story.